Hi there, my name is Janet Vargas and I am your Hostess on Friendship Tips and Poems.
You will find Light and Depth here – Happiness and Empathy in Poems and Writings, plus Helpful Tips and Advice
that will really benefit many of you.

I’m into Multi-Websites: writing Poems and Sayings and Articles. On this website, I will also bring in Poems and Tips and Articles by other Writers, with acknowledgments, so the Content is well-rounded. Different people have certain things to contribute, and that would be good, instead of one person’s writings, hey?

A hearty welcome to you. I live in Australia and love my country. I have lived near the Beach close to Hills and Country. We visit them when we can. I love Nature and nice Sunny Days. I also like conversing with people when out and about (having micro-conversations). My interests are making recipes and collecting them and growing fresh veggies (seeing them grow). Making websites is a passion with me, bringing pleasure into other’s day.

Trusting you enjoy your Visit here on my Friendship Website especially made for you!

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