A Friend Needs To Decide

Time To Decide My Friend

Some friendships are worth redeeming,
some are not. I’m not sure which you are.
This one thing I know, I’m off to a new start
Even if friendships must part.
It’s really up to you what you choose
I’m not one for feeling blue.
Your habits have pressed me into a mold
I don’t wish to be in, it isn’t me.
Questions were always up in the air
Concerning your interest, how much you care.

For months I’ve been getting mixed messages
Your words said one thing, your actions said another.
Wishing me well, followed by unanswered texts and calls
Round in circles and then you’d call.
I feel like I’m putting more effort in
To a friendship that is slack. You call
when it suits – you spare some time
Yet seldom answer the line.

I surely would not remiss.
If you decided it’s too much to change your ways
my kindness to repay.
So now it’s up to you,
I wonder what you will choose.
I remember better times we had
That made both of us glad.
If you are not wiser now
I’ve chosen this way for myself.

Friendships have certain expectations
They must be comfortable or I am lost
However I am not lost now but found.
I found my way out of the maze
In which I don’t wish to stay.
Sometimes I gave hints and made an appeal
My feelings can no-more be concealed.

I’ve found my refuge in God
From this path that I have trod.
I feel like a bird set free
to fly over land and see
no longer to be held down
by those who make me frown.

My friendship is to be valued not spent –
That causes me relent.
If you appreciate where I stand
We’ll place things in God’s hands.
If not, I think you’re not sure what you want
I’m living a different story.

Janet Vargas © March 2020

This Friend Has A Decision To Make
(I had a friend like that. It can happen to anyone)